Wonder Woman

maxresdefaultThe time has finally come! Women are finally getting the superhero movie we deserve, and so much more along it.

Wonder Woman is the first female led superhero movie in a world where we get about four movies in the genre per year (this year we get six!).  It was about time for this step to be taken and thank God it did!

Wonder Woman follows Diana (Gal Gadot from Fast & Furious 6), princess of the Amazons, as she leaves her island home after Steve Trevor (Chris Pine from Star Trek) crash lands there.  Her mission is to end “the war to end all wars”, World War I, and in the process save humanity from evil.  The film also features performances by Robin Wright (The Princess Bride), Danny Huston (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), and David Thewlis (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban).


The Good

A superhero is nothing without action sequences, and Wonder Woman has plenty of action packed fight scenes filled with great choreography and effects that tie it all together.  The fight scenes vary in type as well. Some of them are one-on-one battles, while others features armies. But, no matter what kind of sequence it is, it serves a purpose and encompasses everything that makes for a good battle.  In addition, a lot of the fights incorporate some form of slow motion fighting, which not only adds more drama to the fight, and creates a stunning visual effect, but it also adds something different that makes the action interesting, keeping the audience engaged, a trait that many blockbuster movies seem to lack nowadays.

images-3The film takes place during World War I meaning that there has to be at least one scene involving trench warfare. However, this film not only shows the violence of war, but it also does an incredible job of showing how devastating the war was to civilians and how brutal the war was all around.  This makes the film not only an amazing superhero movie, but also a good war movie.

imagesWhile exciting action is a must to make any superhero/action movie good, all movies need the perfect cast if they truly want to succeed, and Wonder Woman does just that.  There are really only two main cast members in the form of Gadot and Pine.  Gadot was introduced to DCEU (DC Extended Universe) previously, when she played Diana, briefly, in Batman v Superman where she was a stand out in an okay movie, so getting her own movie was well deserved.  Gadot perfectly displays the naïvity that Diana has when it comes to the real world, while also portraying the fierceness that she possesses as an Amazonian warrior.  But she brings the emotion to the character during the intense and saddening moments.  There is no one else that I would have chosen for this role, and after seeing this film, there is no one else that I would have cast opposite Gadot than Chris Pine.  He brings a cockiness and humor to the role of Steve Trevor that perfectly balances with Gadot’s character. He brings a certain charisma to the screen that makes you automatically fall in love with his character.

Being part of the DCEU you would expect this movie to be serious and dark, just look at Batman v Superman or Man of Steel, however the dialogue is filled with comedic moments that create a  levity in between intense action sequences.  There are multiple scenes at the beginning of the movie that had me crying with laughter.  Part of this humor is due to the naïvity that Diana possesses and the reactions of those around her to her actions.  Pine also gives a very funny performance that blends perfectly with the serious moments

images-1One of the things that adds to the amazingness of Diana is the theme music that accompanies her during intense moments.  Wonder Woman’s theme music is epic! But what else would you expect with a score from Hans Zimmer.  The “Wonder Woman Theme” is filled with intense drums and guitar that add to how bada** Diana is.


The Meh

The only somewhat negative aspect of the film is the basic plot.  It is a little simple and very similar to other superhero movies, but what else can you expect.  Diana is on a mission to save the world from evil and along the way she discovers just how powerful she really is. It is story that we have all seen before and will all see again, but Wonder Woman does it in a way that doesn’t necessarily make it feel like a rehashing of the oldest story in the books, instead it feels new and fresh by combining multiple genres into a single movie.


And The Ugly



Movie tip: There is no end credits scene, so, unless you’re one of those people who stays till the very end at every movie, there is no reason to stay long after the movie is over.

13697158_508459295990939_8189035185843358640_nI give Wonder Woman 9.8/10 stars. I wanted to the see the film again as soon as it ended.  I felt so empowered afterward and I feel like it gives an important to girls all over the world.  This review was really hard for me to write because of how much I loved the film.  I struggled to find the right words to describe how I felt because of how powerful and impactful this movie was for me. Even if you aren’t a fan of the superhero genre or didn’t like the previous installments in the DCEU, I highly recommend this film because it is completely different and is more than just a basic superhero movie.

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