Suicide Squad

Unknown-5The superhero genre has been defined and re-defined over the years. Most recently, Marvel movies have had greater success than those of DC. However, Suicide Squad might just be the game changer that DC has been looking for.  This film was step in the right direction for the DC film universe. By introducing new characters, and having different heroes than what audiences expect, this film lives up to the hype and, hopefully, sets a new tone of the DC universe.

Having the main characters be villains adds to the layers usually present in superhero movies.  It also allows for different characters to get the spotlight for once rather than the ones we are so accustomed to.  With this creative cast of characters, the film is able to be dark but still present a sense of humor unlike many of DC’s previous films.  

However, the theme and story don’t make a film all on its own… It also needs a phenomenal cast, which Suicide Squad places a large emphasis on with reason.  With its stellar cast including academy award winners and nominees, the cast of the film is the bulk of a delicious cake.  With Margot Robbie (Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street) as the Joker’s psychotic girlfriend Harley Quinn, Will Smith (Jay in Men in Black) as the hit man Deadshot, Viola Davis (Annalise Keating in How to Get Away with Murder), Cara Delevingne (Margo in Paper Towns) as the ancient sorceress Enchantress, Jay Hernandez (Jessie Harkness in Bad Moms) as former gang member Diablo, Jai Courtney (Eric in Divergent) as Aussie, boomerang slinging thief Captain Boomerang, Joel Kinnaman (Stephen Holder in The Killing) as army man Rick Flag, and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Wombosi in The Bourne Identity) as Killer Croc.  But, only a few cast members truly shine. Those actors are Leto, Robbie, and Smith.  Smith’s portrayal of Deadshot really captured that sense of humanity that we like to believe all villains have. By putting an emphasis on the fact that the character is a farther, we are able to see that care and compassion come out throughout the movie.  Robbie also did a phenomenal job as Harley Quinn, showing what love can lead a person to do and make you crazy.  However, Leto’s performance stands out by far as the best.  He plays the Joker as truly deranged and insane, to the point where the character feels extremely real.  I really wish that they hadn’t cut out most of his scenes although I see why it would be necessary to get the movie a PG-13 rating. (I’m really looking forward to when the extended cut comes out).suicide-squad-posters-image-tout

While the cast left little to be desired, the same cannot be said for the plot of the film.  The second half of the film felt clichéd, like something seen in every superhero movie.  But, that is to be expected considering that there aren’t many ideas that one singular genre can use that feel totally different from all of the others.  Unfortunately, the villain also seemed very throw-away and I feel like they could have had a better one.  While, the second half of the movie left something to be desired, the same cannot be said for the first half.  The first half of the movie was well paced and did a brilliant job introducing the major players of the film with the use of cool graphics that aren’t used often in films in this way.  Overall, the movie did a phenominal of introducing us to characters that we haven’t met in this DC universe and setting up the story and future stories.

I don’t usually comment on the music in a movie, but seeing as this movie didn’t really have score, it seems appropriate.  The soundtrack of the movie is strong and very much hip-hop and rap, giving a unique take on the normal music in a superhero film.  On the other hand, there were very few places where music wasn’t present in the film and at times the impact of it was lost because of that.

Finally, I would like to point out that this movie was much better than DC’s two previous installments, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  There could be multiple reasons for this, such as the slightly lighter tone, but I think the main reason is that it was directed by David Ayer (Fury, End of the Watch) rather than Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen).

Overall, I give Suicide Squad a 7.5/10 stars.

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