The Glittering Court

Unknown-3Now, I’m not normally one to read romance novels, especially YA ones because, let’s face it, most of them contain an extremely dramatic love triangle of some kind that overwhelms the story, and overshadows the individual characters.  This led to my skepticism I felt when I received a copy of The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead.  However, this skepticism fell away shortly after I began reading.  Mead uses romance, mystery, and adventure to create a love story that entices the reader.

Mead introduces a collection of compelling characters all of whom have their secrets.  Be they heretics, hidden countesses, and refugees none of the characters have dull backstories or plot lines.  The dynamics between the characters adds to the story and helps characters grow. Be they romances or friendships, all relationships add to the story and characters, creating an even more captivating tale.  Every character has a unique story and different personality, adding to the diversity of the cast of characters in Mead’s creation.

The use of an Elizabethan-esque setting provides a fascinating backdrop to Mead’s enticing story.  With a setting that resembles the original American colonies, the story takes on a historical fiction feel.  This historical fiction feel is added to by the king, colonies, and “savage” natives, reminding readers of the American colonies in the 1700s.

The idea of The Glittering Court, the title’s namesake, is almost like The Selection… If you remove the prince, and replace him with any male resident of the colonies who can afford to pay for the girl’s’ hand in marriage.  Girls of lower classes are chosen to be taught how to act like women of the court so that they may marry wealthy men in the colonies.  This is the program that Adelaide enters into. Leading her on the adventure of a lifetime.

What I really enjoyed about this book was the romance. Unlike most young adults novels where the focus of relationships is on a love triangle, this story focuses on only one relationship with only a slight triangle present for part of the book.  It is refreshing to find a romantic story that adds to the plot and moves the story along rather than distracting from it and creating unnecessary drama like in The Hunger Games, The Selection, or The Throne of Glass series.  The romance is sweet, loving, and almost perfect.

The writing of the book is decent, but nothing amazing.  The Glittering Court is an easy,enjoyable read that girls will love.

Overall I would give The Glittering Court an 8.5/10 stars.

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