Arrow 4×02


“What this city needs is someone willing to stand up in the light of day, not a guy lurking around in the shadows.” – Captain Lance

This line is what will power on of the story arcs for the rest of the season.  

When you start a season with a strong premiere, it can be hard to follow it up.  This curse hit Arrow season 4 a little bit.  4×02 “The Candidate” was a good episode, but it wasn’t amazing.  

This episode was mainly meant to set up the origin story of Lonnie Machin aka Anarchy played by Alexander Calvert (Lost Boys: The Tribe).  His character is interesting in that he has been wronged by both Damien Darhk, Neal McDonough (Justified), and Team Arrow.  it will be fun to see how they use his character from here on out.

We also met Curtis Holt, Echo Kellum (Ben and Kate), who is an employee at Palmer Technologies and will be working with Felicity, Emily Bett Rickards (Brooklyn), this season.  He is also the second LGBT character on the show.

Here are my top 5 moments:

  1. Meet Anarchy
  2. Felicity being CEO/ The fern lives!!!
  3. Thea goes crazy
  4. Oliver decides to run for mayor
  5. Laurel and Thea dig up Sara’s grave

Felicity being uncomfortable not being okay with some of the things that she has to do as CEO, like firing people.  Being the genius she is however, she finds another way.

Also on the note of Felicity being CEO, the short Olicity scene at the benging of the episode was super adorable.  The fact that Oliver, Stephen Amell (Injustice: Gods Among Us), gives her a fern is adorable!!!  The fern can never be killed!!!

Now, things with Thea, Willa Holland (Legion), went a little crazy this week.The effects from the Lazarus Pit are finally coming into light, and she went off the handle.  When Oliver fought her to show her what she was doing, I was pretty sure it wouldn’t end as well as it did.

On the topic of fights, the fight scenes and action sequences were amazing, as always.  If there is one thing you can say about Arrow its that when it comes to fight scenes, they go all out.  The action was amazingly choreographed, and looked real.

Diggle, David Ramsey (Con Air), wasn’t in the episode much, but the scene when he told Laurel, Katie Cassidy (Taken), about his brother’s death was really well done.  It also tied into the last scene of the episode when Laurel and Thea dug up Sara’s, Caity Lotz (The Pact), grave.  I’m actually really looking forward to next week when they go to Nanda Parbat.

Oliver running for mayor was a storyline that a lot of people were expecting this season, but the way it came about in a way that I thought was really good, but maybe a little predicable.  If he does become mayor, then he and Felicity would be the greatest power couple of all time.  I’m really interested to see how they handle this story.

There were somethings that weren’t good in this episode though.  Like the lack of Diggle, and some other things.
Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10 arrows.

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