Arrow 4×01 Review

images-7Now this is how you start a season strong.  Arrow came back for its fourth season on Wednesday, and the new season seems very, very promising.  

Before I continue, I know that Arrow isn’t an amazing show.  I am aware that the acting is not incredible, and the plot can sometimes be really stupid.  This having been said, I will not be comparing it to other shows as much when giving a rating, just because of the overall quality of the show.  When I rate it, it will be based on the episode compared to the show’s history and quality, along with other shows of the same quality.

So, while Arrow may not be masterpiece, if there is one thing that Arrow excels at, it is season premiers.  Every season, Arrow comes back with a strong premier that sets up the rest of the season in a way that intrigues fans.  Personally, there are some other shows that could learn a thing or from this show in regards to that.

“Green Arrow” was written by the executive producers of the show.  This episode really gave viewers a sense of how the rest of the season is going to be in terms of tone and story.

I know it is sad, but a small part of me wanted to really hate this episode.  The reason for this was that the man who directed it is one of my least favorite people in the film industry.  Thats right, this episode was directed by the man who made, probably, my most hated movie of all time Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters.  If you don’t know who is responsible for this monstrosity of a film, it is Thor Freudenthal.

images-6This episode shows how the characters have changed in the 5-6 months that have passed since the season 3 finale.  Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell (Injustice: Gods Among Us), is a much happy person than he was in season 3.  He and Felicity, played by Emily Bett Rickards (Brooklyn), are living a happy domestic life, and Oliver is even planning to propose.  Meanwhile, Starling City has been left in the care of the rest of “team arrow”, Thea aka Speedy, played by Willa Holland (Tiger Eyes), Laurel aka Black Canary, played by Katie Cassidy (Taken), and John Diggle, played by David Ramsey (Pay It Forward).  The tension between Oliver and Diggle is intense, and the acting is believable.  We also witnessed the hostile that Detective Lance, played by Paul Blackthorne (Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India), still feels towards Oliver.  Not to mention the introduction of Dahmien Darhk, played by Neal McDonough (Minority Report).  McDonough is amazing, and I was actually kind of terrified of his character.  I can’t wait to see more of him over the course of the season.



Here are my Top 8 moments from the episode (you didn’t expect me to just chose 5 did you?):

8.Flashback Oliver back on Lian Yu

7.Oliver and Diggle’s relationship issues

6.The team’s new dynamic

5.”I am the Green Arrow”

4.Enter Dahmien Darhk/ Darhk’s “mystical” powers

3.All of the Olicity cuteness (You can’t expect me to choose one)

2.Lance is working for Darhk/ HIVE

1.Oliver and Barry at an unknown character’s grave

I know that I missed a lot of things, but there was lot that we already knew because of the promos and spoilers that have been released in the past few months.  I also liked the Thea going crazy thing, and can’t wait to see that play out.

Now, I know the grave thing has been talked about a lot, but I have my own theories about it…hqdefault

Who I think it ISN’T:

Thea (They just killed her last season, they probably won’t do that again)

Felicity (I have lots of reasons for this, the main ones being that I think Oliver and Barry would be much more emotional if it was, and the producers are smarter than that and wouldn’t kill off a fan favorite)

Laurel (They just wouldn’t do that)

Who I think it COULD BE:

Lance (The conversation that he had with Barry closely mirrored the one that he had with Lance earlier, not to mention that Lance is working with Darhk)

Diggle (I really don’t want it to be Diggle, but it is a possibility.  And it would give Barry a reason to be there and a reason for Oliver to be upset)

Oliver’s son (Who knows if he will introduced this season, but it is a good guess and it would impact Oliver)

Roy (I know that this is kind of far fetched, but I don’t think that it is impossible.  Colton Haynes (San Andres) has said that he might return as a guest star, and I think that they could bring him back for a few episodes and then kill him off.  What? It’s just a theory)

The entire cast and crew have been very secretive about the flashbacks for this season, and I understand why.  I just don’t get why they are putting him back on the island already. I mean obviously he is going to get off and then go back at least one more time.  They still have another year of flashbacks to do before he is found.


images-5I am really excited for this season, and can’t wait to see what comes next!

Overall, I give “Green Arrow” an 8.75/10 arrows because it did lack some things, but it was an amazing start to season. (it was actually the best season premiere I’ve seen so far this fall).

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