Doctor Who 9×01

images-3The Doctor is back!  Peter Capaldi (World War Z, In the Loop) returns as The Doctor in the immensely popular BBC show Doctor Who. This is Capaldi’s second season as the iconic character.  He is joined by Jenna Coleman (Emmerdale, Captain America: The First Avenger), who is starring in her third season season of the show as the character of Clara Oswald, The Doctor’s companion.  Also joining them is Michelle Gomez (The Acid House, Green Wing) in the role of Missy, aka The Master.

Doctor Who returned for it’s ninth season on September 19 with an episode titled “The Magician’s Apprentice” written by showrunner Steven Moffat (Sherlock, The Adventures of Tintin).  Moffat has a very good track record when it comes to writing, but this was not his best work.  The episode didn’t do too well by itself, but I can’t properly judge it until the next episode airs.  


So, I didn’t love this episode.  However, there were some good moments.  Here are my Top 5 moments from the episode:

  1. Clara knowing what to do when she sees the plane frozen in midair
  2. Missy is back!?
  3. The Doctor enters on a tank/ the jokes!!
  4. On Scaro!!!
  5. The Doctor created Davros

The episode made a lot of references to old Who and to the 11th Doctor’s run as well.  It was almost overwhelming.  Moffat was really hitting viewers over the head with the references.  According to sources, who have much more knowledge of classic Who than I do, the episode mirrored 2 different episodes from the original show.

I enjoyed seeing Davros again.  He still looked creepy as ever.  There was also the snake-democracy-thing.  (I don’t know what it was actually called, but that description seems accurate…).  He was also weird, but the CGI was kind of bad.images-1

Now the ending… *sigh*.  They obviously aren’t going to have him kill Davros because then they would erase over 50 years worth of mythology from the show.  I wouldn’t just affect the current series, it would change anything dalek related that ever happened on the show.

Oh, and they better bring Clara back!!!



Overall, I would give this episode 6/10 TARDISes (Thought I should change from stars for this show…)

What did you think of episode? Let me know in the comments.

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