Jurassic World


It wouldn’t be fair to compare Jurassic World to the masterpiece that was Jurassic Park, so I’m not going to. But I will say this: Jurassic World was not as good as the original, but it surpassed the other two sequels in great bounds.  It is by far the best sequel, and while it wasn’t the greatest movie ever made it was fun and entertaining.

Lets start with the plot of the movie.  I liked the main storyline, but the entire military wanting the raptors thing wasn’t the best.  Yes, the story may seem unoriginal and used at times, but how else are you going to make a movie about people running away from dinosaurs?  I was okay with the entire gene splicing to create a new dinosaur storyline because it was pretty interesting.  My only complaint with that part of the story would be that the dinosaur just seemed to have whatever genes would make it do what they needed it to be able to do for the plot.  In other words, the dinosaurs genetic makeup was kind of a plot convenience.

The acting wasn’t amazing, but it was believable.  Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy, Her) did a good job playing Owen, an ex-navy soldier who now trains raptors.  Along side Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard (The Help, The Village) does an impressive job as Claire, the woman in charge of the park.  The chemistry is believable, but the characters names, could easily be forgotten by some viewers.  What most viewers will remember is how much fun the movie was to watch and the dinosaurs that were brought to life.  I did freak out a little when I saw Katie McGrath (Merlin) as Zara, Claire’s assistant who later dies.  I loved McGrath’s work in the BBC show Merlin and was glad to see her in something new.  Also, while I may not have loved his part of the story, Vincent D’Onofrio (Daredevil, Full Metal Jacket) did a great job as Hoskins.

The special effects in this movie were incredible.  The dinosaurs looked amazing and real.  CGI has come a long way since the original movie, and I have to say I think I liked the dinosaurs more in this one.  They were bigger, they were scarier, and there was a lot more of them.  There were, probably, hundreds of dinosaurs in this movie, and the all looked great.

Pratt’s character, Owen, trains the raptors and is the alpha of the pack.  The interactions between him and his raptors were fun to watch.  I found the respect they had for each other, and the relationship between the raptors and their human leader to be very interesting.  I like that they showed just how intelligent the raptors are.  It made them even more intriguing and, possibly even scarier than they were before.  I also enjoyed getting to see the way that the raptors changed alphas so quickly.  It shows that they really were just animals that wanted to survive.  They followed whoever they thought could help them the most.

The end fight with the new dinosaur (I forget the name…) was cool, but kind of ridiculous.  I’m supposed to believe that a raptor and T-rex would work to together to take down another dinosaur? Really?  And when it was eaten by the Mosasaurs, which I totally called, I might have laughed, because,let face it, that entire sequence was pretty funny.

The fact that the movie didn’t have the same title as the original, made it possible for them to make multiple nods to the original movie.  They showed the original visitor’s center and the cars from the T-rex attraction.  For a brief second we saw Mr. DNA.  There were also multiple Jurassic Park logos throughout the movie.  One person wore a shirt with the logo on it, and it was on the torn banner that the boys found in the old visitor’s center.

Overall the movie was decent.  It wasn’t great, but it was entertaining and fun.  It is definitely the best Jurassic Park sequel, but it isn’t close to being as good as the original.  I give it a solid 7/10 stars.

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