Daredevil 1×02: Cut Man


How does Netflix do it?  The second episode of Marvel’s Daredevil, titled “Cut Man”, is one of the most amazing things I have seen in television.  this review will have some spoilers in it.  You’ve been warned.

The episode starts with Daredevil being found, almost dead, in a dumpster and proceeds to tell us what happened over the time left in the night.  We are introduced to the woman who keeps Matt Murdock from dying, whose name is Claire.  She helps Matt even though she doesn’t know anything about him, or who he is.  She knows he is lying to her about things, yet she still feels like he can be trusted.  Claire is played by Rosario Dawson (Sin City, Seven Pounds).  Dawson, does an incredible job portraying the conflicted character who has to make up her mind about helping a mysterious man dressed in black (Sound familiar anyone?).  It is also revealed that Matt has super smell.  Because apparently that is a thing…

While under the care of Claire, Matt tortures a man for information to figure out where the Russians are keeping a little that they kidnapped.  He does this even though trying to save the boy is what got him in the dumpster in the first place.  Not the best idea Matt, not the best idea.  he finds the Russians, and complete awesomeness ensues.

The awesomeness that I refer to is the epic hallway fight that takes place at the very end of the episode.  For the most part the fight takes place inside said hallway, but what takes place in the rooms, isn’t shown on screen.  This is because the entire fight is a single shot.  It is all filmed looking down to the end of the hallway.  it is one of the coolest fight scenes I have ever seen.

While the story with Matt and Claire is taking place, we also get to see Foggy, Elden Henson (The Butterfly Effect, Deja Vu), and Karen, Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood, Ruby Sparks), have a night on the town.  I’m starting to think, could this be a budding romance? Who knows. It very well could be.  They go into a bar and Karen tells Foggy that when she looks around “all that I see are threats”.  Of course, being me, my mind immediately went to Arrow because Oliver says a very similar thing in episode 3×01 “The Calm”.  We really get to see the effect that the events of the first episode had on Karen, and maybe get a hint at how they will continue to do so.

This episode was heavy with flashbacks, starting at a time before young Matt Murdock lost his sight, and telling the story of him adjusting to his loose with the help of his father.  My one complaint with the flashbacks was the fact that young Murdock, who couldn’t have been older than 9-ish years old, was giving his dad stitches in their dark kitchen.  What 9 year old knows how to give someone stitches?!?  It isn’t logical.  The next flashback was a heart wrenching of young Matt waking up in the hospital after his accident.  His screams and cries are enough to make anyone feel pain for the little boy who lost his sight.  We get to witness matt adapting to his condition while trying to learn Braille.  We also get to see his father in the fight of his life.  This was a fight that he was originally supposed to throw, but that he ends up not because he wants to leave Matt with enough money for him to have a good life.  Perhaps the most saddening scene though, was after Matt’s father had won his big fight.  matt is waiting for his father to return when he hears a gunshot.  He runs, or moves as fast as he can, outside and finds his father shot dead in an alley.  Whether it was murder (most likely), or suicide is yet to be revealed, but the sight of a young, blind boy crying over the body of his dead father is hard to forget.

I have to give this episode a 10/10 stars.  The hallway fight alone could’ve gotten this rating from me.

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